Save a Child changed its name to Vukukhanye in 2005.

1. Thabiso

Thabiso, a 9 year-old boy, from Chesterville was the first child cared for at the Children's Transition Home. Save a Child was directed to him by the Chesterville Resident's Association. We first met Thabiso at King Edward Hospital, where he was very ill with complications of HIV/AIDS. Thabiso's mother was also ill, and Thabiso's granny, who had been looking after him most of his life was struggling with his care needs when at home i.e. nutrition, medications etc. Thabiso recovered sufficiently to be discharged from King Edward and was placed at Save a Child from the 2nd of April 2002. During most of this period Thabiso was in relatively good health. He was able to play, visit the Chesterville Satellite Hospice once a week, and entertain visitors with his sharp wit. On the 2nd of May 2002, Thabiso was returned home to be cared for by his granny and mother. Thabiso died on the morning of the 4th of May 2002. Thabiso was a very special child, and it was a privilege getting to know him and his family.

2. Nadine and children
On the 7th of May 2002, a homeless family from Sydenham, was placed in our care, on a two-week 'contract' by Durban Children's Society, to provide time for suitable long-term accommodation to be found. Nadine (mother), Darnel (7), Dakota (5) and Devon (3) stayed at the Home until the 21st of May 2002. They are now living in Bonela.

3. Thombi and Sindisiwe
On the afternoon of the 18th of May 2002, just after the official opening of the Save a Child Transition Home, a 15 year old girl gave birth to a baby girl on the field just adjacent to the Home. We were alerted by the mother's cries for help, and when we arrived we found a baby lying on the grass. The mother was extremely weak and in considerable pain. We took Thombi and her baby (Sindisiwe) to King Edward Hospital where they received the necessary medical attention. The mother and child were cared for at the Children's Transition Home for 4 months, and then placed with a foster-family in Malukazi (Isipingo). Sindi's mother proved to be extremely unpredictable and disappeared. Sindi, now nearly 4 years old, has however been well cared for by her new foster mother, Maureen. They have received follow-up support from Vukukhanye in the form of home-visits, formula, food, clothes etc. Sindi's foster placement with Maureen has been finalized, and they are receiving a government foster care grant.

4. The 'M' Family
On the 12th of May 2002 Anisa (10), Tracy (9) and their mother were placed at Save a Child by Pinetown Highway Child & Family Welfare Society. Their father had recently died from complications of AIDS, and they had been living in terrible conditions in Waterfall. Their mother later died, and the girls continued staying at Save Child. They attended Grade 1 and Grade 3 at Berea West Junior Primary School, where they did very well. In December 2002 they were placed with a foster family in Kloof. This family was however not able to continue caring for Tracy and Anisa, who have now been placed with a foster-mother in Overport, where they are now settled and happy. Save a Child was able to provide follow-up support in the form of financial assistance (school fees, stationery) as well as facilitating ongoing counseling by the University of Natal Psychology Department.

5. Danon
Danon, a 3 year old boy, was placed at Save A Child by Open Door Crisis Centre after being lost by his mother, while in Pinetown. He stayed at the Children's Foster Home for 2 nights, before being re-united with his delighted mother.

6. Zilungile
Zilungile (Lungi) was placed at Save a Child by Pinetown Child Welfare on the 15th of July 2002, when she was just 10 days old. Lungi was cared for at Save a Child for 1 year, during which time her foster placement with a Westville family was facilitated. Lungi has since been adopted by her new parents and is doing very well.

7. Sandile
Sandile, a 10 year-old orphaned boy, was placed at Save a Child on the 10th of April 2003 by Ithemba Lethu, as a short-term measure. He stayed at Save a Child until the 20th of June, and is now living at the Durban Children's Home.

8. Samkhelo
Samkhelo, a 9 year-old orphaned boy was placed at SAC by Pinetown Child Welfare in August 2003. He stayed at Save A Child for one month, before being placed at St. Teresa's Children's Home in Sherwood.

9. Minenhle
Minenhle, a 15 month-old orphaned boy from Cato Manor, was placed at Save a Child by Ithemba Lethu in October 2003. He was cared for for over a year and then placed in permanent foster care with a mother in Pinetown. His new home is supported by 'His Church', who also run the pre-school that Minenhle attends. Minenhle is a very special little boy, who is sorely missed, but we are very optimistic about his future with his new family, and are glad he is living nearby.

10. Njabulo
Njabulo, an 18 year old boy from Chesterville was cared for at Save a Child from September 2003 to December 2005, as he no longer had any family or other caregivers abe to take care of him in the Chesterville area. In 2004 contact was arranged with extended family in Port Shepstone, where Njabulo visits periodically. Njabulo also met his mother for the first time in his life in 2004. Njabulo has a particular passion and talent for music (especially drumming) and dance. Njabulo is now living with a family friend and her son in Sherwood and is completing grade 10 at Spark's Estate Secondary School, where he is class captain. His caregiver has expressed that she is impressed with Njabulo's diligence and general behaviour, which is encouraging. We continue to have contact with Njabulo and facilitate support wherever possible.

11. Mfanafuti
In August 2004 Fanafuti (14 year old boy) was placed at Save a Child by the Department of Welfare on a crisis basis for oly a few nights; before being returned to Sacred Heart Place of Safety in Mtwalume.

12. Zamo and Nkosi
Two brothers, Zamo (15) and Kosi (14), spent a short period at Save a Child in early 2004, before being re-united with family in Cato Manor. As they live nearby and attend the same school as some of the children at Save a Child, regular contact has been able to be maintained. The boys also joined everyone on the Drakensberg camping trip to Lotheni.

13. Thabile (18), Mxolisi (6 months) and Mlondi (1)
In November 2004 Thabile and her two young children were placed at Save a Child by the Department of Welfare, as a temporary measure until long-term care could be arranged. Thabile and her two boys were placed with an aunt in Pietermarizburg in December 2005, after having lived at Save a Child for over a year. Thabile was however unable to get into school in Pietermaritzburg. Her social worker therefore arranged for her to live in Kwa-Dabeka so that she could continue at her previous school. Her youngest son, Mxolisi, came back to Save a Child to help Thabile attend school, and spent weekends with Thabile. Unfortunately the placement fell through requiring Thabile and Mlondi to move back to the Home. Thabile is now working and is living independantly.

14. Other short-term placements
A number of other children have been placed at Save a Child for short periods by social workers. These include Bekha (Open Door Crisis Centre), Ncamsile and Menzi (Department of Welfare), Mbali (Wiley House).

15. Londeka
Londeka lived at the Home for a year since she was two weeks old. She is now living in Kwa-Dabeka with her grandmother.

16. Sandra
Sandra was placed at the home for a short period after a crisis in her home. She has since been placed with family in Zambia.

17. Promise and Qhawe
Promise and Qhawe lived at the home for nearly 5 years, and are now living with family in Pietermaritzburg. Qhawe is a very bright, happy little boy and is attending a local school.

18. Nosibusiso and Olwethu
Nosibusiso and Olwethu were placed at the Home in 2006, after the death of their mother. They quickly formed strong bonds with the family, and despite now living with an aunt in Chesterville are still part of the family. Olwethu spent 10 days in ICU in Parklands Hospital after an operation to repair an obstructed bowel. She has recovered remarkably well.

19. Ncami and Wandile
Wandile was placed at the Home when he was 1 month old by Pinetown Child Welfare. His mother was placed at School of Industries, Mimosdale. Both of these were short term placements and Ncami spent a lot of time at the Home with Wandile. Wandile was then placed with extended family in Kwa-Dabeka. Vukukhanye has helped the family with formula and nappies while they were waiting to receive their government grant.

20. Yolanda
Yolanda, a very cute 3 year old, spent 6 months living in the Home while her mother recieved treatment in hospital. While living in the home she had contact with her mother and other extended family.

21. Bongumusa
9 year old Bongumusa was placed at the Home for 6 months while waiting for his placement in Foster Care at Lily of the Valley, Hammarsdale. Bongumusa was a delightful child, with a wonderful sense of humour. He loved attending school in Chesterville.

22. Phindile
Phindile, a 16 year old, mentally challenged child stayed at the Home for 8 days in December 2008. She has since been placed at Umlazi Childrens Home.

23. N and T
Two of our older girls who have lived at the home for a considerable amount of time have now moved into independant living. N is working in Mount Edgecombe, while also studying by correspondance and is renting a room in a flat.T is living in Sherwood before moving to Marianhill.

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