This Home in Berea West, Westville, was established in 2001 to provide a source of short or long-term carefor orphans and vulnerable children. Our aim is to provide the children with a loving, stable home environment, guide their educational progress and provide psychosocial and other support (e.g. counselling and extra-lessons) as needed. Contact with extended family is supported when appropriate and wherever possible children are reintegrated with their family or placed with adoptive or foster parents; but in some cases long-term placement of children at the Home occurs. The children are cared for by a Foster-mother, Tryphina, who receives assistance with domestic work and respite care from Maureen. Seventy-seven (77) children have been cared for since 2001, with six children aged 12-18 living at the Home at the moment. Children placed in care have included sibling groups who have no living mother or father, abandoned, neglected or abused children, as well as refugees. In a number of instances social workers have placed children in short-term crisis care, such as when home circumstances become dangerous or a singleparent is sick and there is no extended family to provide care.



Vukukhanye's seeks to identifying and support vulnerable children and families in Chesterville. Five care-workers conduct home visits and follow up on needs referred by community members. Support provided includes home-visits, counselling, emergency or monthly assistance with food, infant formula, toiletries (including sanitary pads) & household consumables, follow-up on cases of abuse and poverty, TB screening (via a questionnaire), accessing official documentation and grants, as well as referral to other organisations. Two of Vukukhanye's community workers have been trained in assisting children's adherence to ARV therapy. A common scenario is that of an aunt or grandmother who takes responsibility for the care of children following the death of the children's mother. This can be overwhelming when the new caregiver is unemployed (or employed only part-time) or is a pensioner already with dependants and now has to shoulder the burden of providing for and raising their sister or daughter's children. Approximately 180 children are assisted on a monthly basis and on an annual basis we assist children with school needs such as uniforms, stationery and fees. Vukukhanye also seeks to partner with companies and other donors to direct resources to local preschools, schools and community based organisations (such as those caring for the elderly or disabled).
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